Senior marketing strategist


Case Study 1: Affecting Change


Actor R. Lee Ermey served as spokesman for the campaign.

The Marine Corps League, the only Congressionally-chartered Marine veterans organization in the United States, needed a smart strategy to pass a bill.

The bill requested the Marine Corps name to be reflected in the Department of the Navy, so that when a Marine died, loved ones would see “Marine Corps” properly reflected in the letterhead and elsewhere. The seemingly innocuous change served as a strong symbolic gesture that was highly controversial with certain key members of Congress.


The group enlisted the help of Trio Media Group, where I served as PR account manager and chief copywriter. I spearheaded a campaign called the Marine Corps Identity Cause that included:

  • Working with actor R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket, Mail Call).
  • A microsite.
  • Social strategy & management.
  • Content creation.
  • Legislative outreach.
  • Media outreach.

I led strategic messaging, worked with the social team, wrote speeches for Ermey, pitched the news media and managed the actor’s press interviews with his agent.


The campaign received substantial coverage and social media engagement. Successes include:

  •  7,800-plus petitions & thousands of engaged followers.
  • Coverage in Washington PostThe HillMarine Corps Times and more.
  • The bill passed the U.S. House with more co-sponsors than any bill in history.



Case Study 2: Surpassing Lead Expectations


NCR needed an ad campaign that smartly tapped as many channels as possible to drive awareness and leads for the launch of a flagship POS system.

As I worked in a startup division, product launches were usually completed in a lean manner. This time, we needed not only lead generation but brand awareness, as research showed many small business owners were not familiar with the company. The importance of the solution also dictated a new strategy.


I was tapped to lead marketing for the product and its launch, which included project management and cross-functional leadership.

I first conducted research and led ideation meetings with the marketing team. I then strategized a plan to advertise in three markets via multiple ad channels, including Pandora, digital billboards, NPR, Google and Facebook.

I dubbed it The Point of X campaign, a play on words on “point of sale.” The X stood for “Simplicity, Style and Sophistication.” We also tapped an existing brand asset–Dr. T–for a Pandora audio spot.

Deliverables included:

  • Leading a cross-functional team.
  • Driving product positioning and messaging.
  • Identifying markets and channels.
  • Working with the art director for the overall feel.
  • Collaborating with our media buying agency.
  • Editing content with Pandora and NPR.
  • Copywriting & coordinating the creative.
  • PR agency management.
  • Lead-tracking coordination.


The stunning creative also yielded ROI, including netting 20 percent more leads than forecasted within the first month. There were literally more leads than the sales department could handle at first.

The Pandora channel in particular was very effective. As for the digital billboards, I was in a customer’s store during the campaign, and I overheard the customer’s customer say she saw the point of sale system ad on a billboard. Given the saturation of advertising, that was a telling sign the campaign broke through the clutter.


Case Study 3: Creating an Identity with Video


The old videos were conservative, product/sales focused and didn’t exude an endearing identity.

NCR had powerful SaaS solutions with benefits that were sometimes lost in the shuffle.

Existing content–particularly videos–were very sales focused, didn’t tell the story well and definitely didn’t entertain. In addition, the company’s content assets didn’t offer an engaging personality to attract small business owners.

A campaign was needed to:

  1. Educate prospects on high-level benefits.
  2. Provide an edgier, funnier brand identity.


In 2017, I created a video series with the aim of explaining the value of complex solutions, with the help of quirky personas. I developed several of the personas, wrote scripts, secured a talented video agency, collaborated on storytelling edits, selected the talent from agency-led casting calls, oversaw production and collaborated on post-production edits.


  1. Each video is drawing up to 65k YouTube views, totaling in the hundreds of thousands.
  2. They still serve as a top driver for website hits from Facebook.
  3. Represents the brand in an endearing way and shows a more positive and edgy tone.
  4. Characters—Dr. T Pott’s Tea Shop, June’s Juiceatorium, Mr. Man’s Shop for Manly Men and Hanna’s House of Hop—are successfully used in other campaigns to create brand consistency.

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