What’s your story, anyway?

Are you telling it effectively? Is it integrated with every customer touchpoint? Are you executing on these touchpoints with precision?

My name is Justin Rubner.

I’m a senior marketing strategist with experience breathing life into brands and bringing solutions to market. I have proven experience out-positioning complex products in competitive markets and creating marketing campaigns that deliver. I work with cross-functional teams to ensure brand cohesion.

I will give you a marketing program you’re proud of.

marketing strategist Justin RubnerWhat you’ll get

  • A multi-media brand storyteller.
  • A strategist adept at creating winning go-to-market campaigns.
  • A change agent who will put the customer experience front and center–where it belongs.
  • An accomplished writer with journalism experience who can define and tell your unique story.

Experience I bring to the table

I’ve served marketing leadership positions at financial technology giant NCR, marketing agencies and a tech startup. I was also a technology reporter at Atlanta Business Chronicle. In addition, I’m an Air Force veteran with leadership experience abroad.

What about my personal life?

Thanks for asking! I live in Atlanta, and I’m into screenwriting, the outdoors, movies and music. You can’t take the Buffalo Bills out of my blood. I’m happily engaged. If you knew me, you’d probably call me a foodie. I love to cook, and eat.

Ideas…I have lots of them. Once, I had an idea for a TV show, so I assembled a pro-bono cast and crew, and–with no experience at the time behind the camera–filmed a full-length demo that got attention from producers.

Need an icebreaker? Ask me sometime about my experience with tumbleweed, and a flamethrower, in the Nevada desert.

What I can help you with

  • Marketing leadership
  • Positioning & messaging
  • Brand strategy & rebranding
  • Brand storytelling
  • PR strategy
  • Content & digital strategy
  • Editorial management
  • Customer communications
  • Customer research
  • Product marketing
  • Product launches
  • Product naming
  • Copywriting & taglines
  • Storyboarding & video

So, what is your story? 

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