Surpassing Lead Expectations


NCR needed a marketing campaign — demand generation, content and advertising — to drive awareness and leads for the launch of a flagship POS system.

Research showed many small business owners were not familiar with the company. The importance of the solution — the company’s first Android system — dictated a focused ad campaign in particular.


As a Senior Marketing Manager, I was tapped to lead marketing for the launch.

My first step: Research the target market. Second step: Ideation with the marketing team. Third: A plan to advertise in three markets via multiple channels, including Pandora and Google. Fourth: The creation of exceptional content.

I dubbed it The Point of X campaign, a play on words on “point of sale.” The X stood for “Simplicity, Style and Sophistication.” We also tapped an existing brand asset — Dr. T — for the Pandora audio spot.

Deliverables included:

  • Leading a cross-functional team.
  • Co-ordinating creative work.
  • Driving product positioning and messaging.
  • Identifying markets and channels.
  • Shooting a product video.
  • A demand generation campaign.
  • Working with the art director for the overall feel.
  • Collaborating with our media buying agency.
  • Editing content with Pandora and NPR.
  • Copywriting.


The ad and content campaign yielded ROI, netting 20 percent more leads than forecasted within the first month. There were literally more leads than the sales department could handle at first.

The Pandora channel in particular was effective, generating a significant amount of leads.

A big reason for the success — outside of the creative — was focus. By choosing three markets to penetrate, as opposed shotgunning many markets, we achieved excellent awareness that we wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.


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